We are proud to present our newest LBP family member; the ELIFAB blueberry sorting machine. Since the start of 2020 it’s up and running. With this machine LBP adjusts to the growing demand for blueberries in Europe. Check our ten good-to-knows about this great peace of machinery.

Text: Anton Filippo / Maaike Petri | Images: Maaike Petri Fotografie

Make way!

We had to tear down an entire wall to make room for this blueberry monster. With some fitting and shifting all lines now have their place on our production floor.

The machine selects and classifies the berries accurately. It detects weight, size, color, quality and many other specific issues.


We’ve sent our colleague Kathy for a three day training to Murcia, Spain, to learn all the technical specs of this sophisticated sorting machine.

An ELIFAB technician had been 'installed' at LBP a number of weeks to support our operators on the ELIFAB line.


The ELIFAB blueberry sorting machine makes it possible to pack, label and seal blueberries in a variety of sizes asked for by customers.

This sorting machine has a dual out pack option, that enables the packers to be double as effective.

Dual pack out option

The ELIFAB machine has been equipped with two 16-head fillers that are filling the clamshells, cups, punnets on two different out pack lines.

The machine can pack 125 grams on one out pack line and 300 grams on the other, all from the same input fruit.

Labeling & heat sealing

On both out pack lines the machine is also equipped with automatic labelling machines that could label the punnet, clamshells or cup both top- and bottom. All at the same time.

The productivity can go up to 2000 kilograms per hour per lane, which makes the machine one of the fastest in the industry.