What’s a green asparagus?

As you might have guessed, this green coloured stem shaped vegetable is the brother of the white asparagus. It’s packed with good nutrients like folate, fiber, vitamin A, B6, C and much more. Some will refer to it as spring’s super food, what we actually completely understand!

So, where do they come from?

The asparagus originates from the regions around Egypt. But as the plant thrives in any area having winter ground freezes or dry season, it now appears all over the world; from China to Peru and form Germany to the United States.

How do they grow?

Green asparagus grow above the ground. The light provides their green colour. Originally, you could find fresh asparagus from spring until the first of July, but as they’re grown worldwide, they’re available in stores all year around.

What does green asparagus taste like?

Even though the taste is delicate, it’s more vigorous than his white brother. Green asparagus have an earthy, slightly herbal taste which goes well with salmon, egg, pecorino cheese or bacon.



How to prepare green asparagus?

If you’ve never eaten green asparagus before, here’s how it works: you don’t need to peel them just cut off the woody end of the stem. Then choose your method of preparation: cook them (3-6 minutes), stir-fry (3-5 minutes), steam (8 - 10 minutes), fry (3-4 minutes), eat them raw or use a chefs torch to prepare them in only 2 minutes.

How do yo keep green asparagus fresh?

You’ll keep green asparagus fresh by putting them in plastic bag in the refrigerator. Keep the bottom tips a little moist in a paper towel. Green asparagus can even be stored in the freezer up to eight months.

What else can we tell about the green asparagus?

First of all, how do you recognize a fresh asparagus? Easy, the bottom end shouldn’t be split and when you squeeze it, tiny drops might appear. Another way is rubbing the end tips against each other. A little squeeky sound indicates freshness.