No Brexit yet

Three times. Three times Mrs. Teresa May tried to have a majority vote for her plans to exit the European Union. But each time the House of Commons did not agree with her plans.

Changes in fytosanitary regulations

From September 1st 2019, new changes in annexes I to V of the Fyto Protocol will be implemented. The Fyto Protocol describes the protecting measures against bringing in and distributing in EU of harmful organisms.
These changes are realized after fytosanitary risk determination of certain diseases and pests and the relating international trade.

Colin visits Spain

The second quarter of each year is usually used to visit some clients and other companies around us in Europe. One of the trips went to Spain, where our colleague Colin Overduin met with some of our clients in the beautiful city of Malaga. He was excited and amazed by all the facilities and operations of our customers.

New trainees

Trainees come to LBP as part of their educational training. Most of them attend the STC (the School for Logistics in Rotterdam) and come to LBP for certain periods.

Meet our new LBP colleagues

For LBP, the busiest times of the year are from October to April. Between May and September the European season is in full swing and we are mainly busy with the exotics that arrive in these months by sea, by air and also by road.

LBP strives to reduce packing waste

LBP visited a seminar about packing and packing registration, especially in Germany. It is an obligation, within German packing legislation, to register all used materials in order to reduce packing waste. Producers and distributors are obliged to collect waste from consumers by connecting to companies that are approved to offer these services. It does not only apply for plastic, also types of papers, metals, glass and cardboard are on the list. To be continued in more detail… Next time in the FRUITICLE!

Let's play some serious soccer!

On June 8th the LBP crew will be hosting a soccer tournament in Schipluiden, a village close to our facilities. We have not only invited two transport companies that we use for our container transport, we will also welcome our next door neighbour and former competitor Cool Control on the field. Come and join us there for a beer and a bitterbal!