The Colombian connection

No special agents chasing rotten tomatoes in our Colombian connection! Maria Alexandra, LBP’s commercial representative at Bogota, actually reinforces the export of fresh fruits by informing our clients to meet the strict sanitary requirements.

Tekst: Anton Filippo / Maaike Petri | Beeld: Maaike Petri Fotografie | Video: Tien Producties

What produce is unique for Colombia?

Maria: “Exotic fruits: we have so many different kinds, that even I haven’t tried all of them! I love the reaction of foreigners when they try and taste them. They are surprised by the flavour and nice textures.”

How is trade with Colombia right now?

Maria: “Colombia is an agricultural, primary country. We have so many different fruits and vegetables to offer and a lot of places love to have them. Still, it’s challenging because of the sanitary requirements and our currency, which is not quite stable right now.”

"Colombia has so many different exotic fruits; even I haven't tasted all of them"

What’s your part as commercial representative for LBP?

Maria: “I maintain the relationships with clients we already have. I reinforce the relationships with prospects. And I do market research. I analyse who our exporters are, what they’re exporting and I check if they meet the sanitary requirements.”

Do you signal any new developments for 2019?

Maria: “Blueberries getting really strong this year. Colombia has always been strong with blueberries - and we have some big clients now - but meeting the sanitary requirements wasn’t always easy. We’re getting closer and I foresee new clients on the market this year.”