One rotten apple

spoils the whole barrel


How our quality experts started out from 'useless' factor to an essential part of the chain? Hard work, perserverance and knowledge. Emiel Maas gives you a litte insight in over 15 years of quality control!

Tekst: Anton Filippo | Beeld: Maaike Petri Fotografie

Maas, founder and managing director of Maas Fruit Quality Inspections (MFQI), has been closely linked with LBP for more than 15 years. His quality experts in the LBP facilities - and beyond - are a major asset to our company. During this period having an independant, in house quality controller has been proven to be most useful, something which might have been doubted at the time...

“After the millennium, the number of customers for LBP grew rapidly", Emiel remebers vividly. "This growth led to more demand of these customers for quality control. In order to answer these questions, LBP started to search for a solution and so I ended up talking to Hans Janssen. This was back in 2003. It resulted in a cooperation between LBP and MFQI.”

“Working from my car, I travelled from left to right and from top to bottom and suddenly I ended up in a world called LBP. We developed a model in which I worked as an independent party under the roof of LBP. Taking care of the entire quality control. The start was difficult. Customers were insecure and had to get used to this new, additional service. They also had to learn to justify the work that we did and see how it helped them. I was not seldom seen as a useless factor. After a while, the advantages of my work were seen and that is why now 2019 we cannot be missed in the processes of LBP.”

15 Years of exploring

15 Years of cooperation: what's different from when you started? Maas: "We started with standard quality inspections, now we look into the chain..."

Let’s get technical

What are the most remarkable technical developments of the last few years? Emiel Maas points out modern techniques for you.

Shipment and packaging

Shipment by sea is cheaper but takes longer. Still, trade is shifting to sea freight thanks to new methods that improve shelflife. Emiel signalizes this development.

3 Quality tips to make your shipping impeccable

Emiel: "First.... everything starts with a good product. The biggest market in Europe is retail. If product does not comply with the retail standards, you're lost. Nevertheless, we see this happen too often. When product is grown with passion and packed and shipped with the greatest care, then there is usually no problem.”

“Not taking care of the information on the boxes is a growing problem. LBP has to correct it, but that comes with a lot of extra costs and delay. Avoid this by usings the right packing materials, pallets, corner boards and straps", adds Emiel to his tips. "Lesser quality packing always creates problems in the transportation from origin to destination: collapsing pallets, broken boxes and so on."

"And last but not least: always use the correct temperature recorder. A renowned brand it is always worth the extra costs. Make a clear mark on the packing list where exactly the recorders are placed in the container. Use brightly coloured labels; that saves us a lot of time finding them. The container always requires attention. It needs to be clean, tested, the machine needs to operate decently, it needs to be free from damage and equipped with the right systems to be able to transport your valuable product in an adequate manner.”