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China in East Asia is the third largest country in the world. Only Russia and Canada are bigger. China, however, has the largest population, with an amazing 1.404 billion inhabitants, which makes its trade potential tremendous!

Tekst: Anton Filippo | Beeld: Pexels, Unsplash

People republic of China

The country is ruled by the Communist Party and consists of 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities that are directly controlled by the government (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Chongqing) and the special administrative regions Hong Kong and Macau. For centuries, China was ruled by monarchs and dynasties, such as the Xia Dynasty and later by the Chinese empire. Dynastic ruling ended in 1912 after the Xinhai Revolution, which changed China into a republic and, after the Chinese Civil War in 1949, the Communist Party established the People’s Republic of China. China’s Economy has been the world’s fastest growing with annual growths of over 6 percent. It is the largest exporter and second largest importer of goods and products.

Fresh fruits: import and export

China has always been a producer of fresh fruits but it also imports many of their fruits from neighbouring countries and from South America. Production in China has seen a huge increase. Dutch technology in Chinese glasshouses for example, adds to the growth in production of fruit and vegetables both for local consumption and for exports. When it comes to exports, citrus, apples and pears are the main commodities and Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam the main destinations. Import origins are Chile, Vietnam and Thailand with cherries, fresh longan and bananas as largest imported commodities. Avocado and berries are coming but these products can soon be found on both the imported and exported commodities lists…

Chances for LBP in China

Research by students of Warwick University in England has shown that there could potentially be a future for LBP in China. Services, those that LBP offers all under one roof, cannot be found anywhere in China yet. Although fruit importers in China do not really have a demand for our kind of operations, exporters in different parts of the world do see the need for a neutral and independent fruit logistics company in the major ports of the country: Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Future developments

LBP participated in a trade mission organized by the Dutch government that brought 170 countries in different disciplines to China. LBP participated in the Chinese section and visited the city of Xian, some glasshouse developments in the region, the Agricultural University as well as a strawberry facility, Haisheng, producing strawberry under glass supported by nothing but Dutch technology. Even Agricultural Minister Schouten, like the whole delegation, was impressed with the development and the potential. In Guangzhou LBP met with a large number of fresh fruit importers to discuss the options and chances. Not only as a China-based forwarder or partner but also to deal with Chinese imports in Europe. China remains on the LBP agenda!

In terms of fresh produce and export of fresh fruits to Europe, South Africa is still an important factor to LBP. We still offer our services to a significant number of the serious exporters: especially in the citrus season, but also in the season when stone fruit and grapes are leading.