Where will we visit in 2019?

We love travelling the world and 2018 has been greatly intensive. In 2019 you’ll find us again visiting our clients and picking up on new developments. Find out about LBP’s reasons to travel and our destinations.

Most of the year, you can find LBP somewhere on the globe to promote the company and to sell the services that we believe we are good at. First of all, in our view it cannot harm to visit your existing and loyal clients regularly. Where-ever they are based! Just to tell them how much their support is appreciated and to discuss the future plans and volumes. Secondly, future is important in this business and thus whom you know is equally important to what you know. Always best to be prepared for tomorrow. Finally, visiting trade shows always help to meet clients and suppliers but also to listen to trends in the industry, to get a sense of new developments and information about new and future origins.

At the start of 2019, like every year, we visited the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. LBP has had a presence in Berlin for 15 years now and again we were pleased and happy with the number of people that took the trouble to visit us in our booth. Also, to those who made time available to meet with us in their booths: thank you very much!

Later this year we will be reporting about our forthcoming trips to Vietnam, Colombia, South Africa, Chile, Los Angeles and Madrid, which we have planned so far. However, travel plans can change! So keep an eye on the Fruiticle later this year…

LBP Rotterdam is in its 26th year of offering fresh logistics services to the world of fruits and vegetables. We would have never achieved what we have so far if we would not have travelled the world as intensively as we have.