LBP meets up with oldest client


The shelf life of fresh produce may expire over time, the relationship between LBP and its partners lasts considerably longer. With our Brazilian exporter Ibacem we’ve been collaborating for 25 years now. Time to catch up with founder Nelson Costa.

Tekst: Anton Filippo | Beeld: Maaike Petri Fotografie | Video: Tien Producties

Nelson, how did you end up in Rotterdam?

“When I started this company, back in 1986, I did a lot of research, which included a visit to Israel. I learned a lot about the fruit market and Europe for instance [and especially Rotterdam] could be a great location for export. Together with Hans I founded a solid collaboration 25 years ago.”

How did this collaboration develop over the years?

“It’s not easy to maintain long lasting relations in this market. Most of the time collaborations between exporters and sellers are short term relations. LBP proved to be a very professional and loyal colleague. My relation with Hans evolved from business to friendship. I’m not used to that.”

"Good relationships are important in this market. Over the years we never had a moment of struggle."

So, struggle never was an issue between Ibacem and LBP?

“Good relationships are important in this market. Over the years we never had a moment of struggle. And even when we encountered challenges, feedback and communication were positive and clear.”

Hans and you both have become of age. What are your plans?

“Ever since I started Ibacem I’ve been in charge of the company. Recently my sons took over the daily management. I’ll stay involved, playing a more advisory role now. I’m very proud my sons had a part in building this solid and sustainable company. They will lead Ibacem to a bright, new future.”