A fruity new year!

Challenges and developments in 2019

Blueberries from Chile, mangos, stone fruit, pineapples… The start of 2019 almost seems like business as usual. What makes this another interesting year? We take a look at four leading topics!

Tekst: Anton Filippo | Beeld: Maaike Petri Fotografie

Impact of the Brexit

What’s going to happen after March 29, if anything? A hard Brexit will have a huge impact on everyone who is doing business with the United Kingdom. For overseas imports nothing changes, unless fruit destined for the United Kingdom and Ireland is coming in via Rotterdam or Antwerp. Initially, the usual transit procedures can be followed, but at this moment no one knows what, for example, the phytosanitary impact is going to be. Or if any new requirements will be in place for certification of origin in the new non-customs union situation. In other words: will there be different agreements in place? All in all, this is an interesting period which will definitely have its impact on the LBP Customs department. LBP’s Marcel van Leeuwen will follow developments closely. He’s glad to help you with question regarding the Brexit.

Upcoming markets

Are there any? Yes, there are! We take a closer look at Vietnam, Portugal, China and Colombia.

No more plastic!

What is going to happen with the plastic discussions or, better, non-plastic discussions?

Oversupply: not again please!

In 2018, there was an oversupply of multiple kinds of fruit. Will this situation continue in 2019 or not?