What is a fig?

The fig is tasty fruit from the Middle-East. The trees where this fruit grows on, fig trees, star in a lot of stories as a symbol of fertility, abundance and awakening. Just like olive trees and vines.

Where does the fig come from?

Figs originate from the Jordan Valley, where they first were found close to the village of Jericho. Today most of the figs we eat come from South European countries like France and Greece. We also import them from Brazil and Peru.

How do figs grow?

Figs grow on fig trees, mainly a little from the ground. The fig trees can become huge. They don’t need a lot of water.

What do you taste when you eat a fig?

The taste of figs is deliciously sweet. You can eat the small seeds inside the fig and the skin of fresh, ripe figs is edible, too. When figs are ripe the skin usually cracks slightly. That’s the time the taste is at its best.



How should you eat fresh figs?

Nothing beats a fresh, raw fig, but the possibilities with figs are countless! They’re used in jams and cakes, they’re tasty wit raw ham or baked in a slice of bacon. And what about a fig bread with gorgonzola or goat cheese? Or ice cream… You’ll FIG-ure it out!

How do you keep this exotic fruit fresh?

Figs are picked when ripe, so it is a waste to store them. If you really need to, just keep them in the fridge to slow down the ripening process. Ripe figs can’t be stored in your refrigerator over five days!

What other funny facts & figs do we know?

The fig has a slight laxative function as well. It has a high nutritional value and contains only forty kcal when eaten raw.