Parting managing director Hans Janssen:

“I really, really love speed!”

Tekst: Anton Filippo | Beeld: Maaike Petri Fotografie | Video: Tien Producties

Did you ever wonder why there are two racing flags in the LBP logo? Well, here’s the answer: founder Hans Janssen really loves rally racing!

“I love speed”, Janssen claims in this mini documentary 'Need for Speed. The Story of Hans Janssen', a tribute to 25 years of LBP and its founding father. Last year Janssen handed over the daily management of LBP Rotterdam to his successors as his health forced him to finally slow down. After this transition year the founder decided to step back definitively; as from January first 2019 this will be effective. Please take a moment to watch this moving interview and to read his goodbye letter to all of you.